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Whether you watch Downton Abbey, listen to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! or sing your ABC’s with the characters on Sesame Street, you have a certain expectation when you turn on ETV – quality television and radio programming. What you may not know is that SCETV also offers diverse learning opportunities for South Carolina teachers. More than 8,000 participated in online courses, customized trainings and onsite regional workshops last year alone.

One such teacher is Leah Fitts. Leah, mom of William, Eliza and Molly, exemplifies what teaching is all about. A college athlete and summa cum laude graduate of Presbyterian College, she began her teaching career at Red Bank Elementary School. At that time she also coached basketball and volleyball at Lexington High School.

Due to her love of athletics and coaching, Leah next pursued her Masters in Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy. And Leah’s education did not stop there. She continued taking courses, many of which were offered by SCETV to receive her Masters plus 30 hours. This designation is a statewide effort to retain professionals in the teaching field by offering opportunities for job promotions and increased earning potential.

Leah’s relationship with SCETV continues to this day. To maintain her teaching credentials she must earn 120 renewal credits every five years. SCETV helps teachers to fulfill their requirements by offering a wide variety of recertification courses each year. Last summer, Leah participated in one of the most popular classes.  Rudy’s Natural History is a 60 credit facilitated online course with one in-person meeting with Rudy Mancke.

“This was a wonderful class and one that I put to use with my family on a regular basis As a matter of fact I was able to bring my son, William, on our field trip to the Congaree Swamp. We had a great day learning from such an amazing naturalist,” shared Leah.

Another invaluable course Leah took recently was one of SCETV’s technology workshops. ETV offers these workshops at the ETV Telecommunication Center’s New Idea Lab and in individual schools across South Carolina. Designed for teachers of any grade level and subject area, this training focuses on using and creating video, assessment tools, cool technology tools, and more. Leah learned how to incorporate video into the classroom and put her new skills into use by creating a short film about the “Technology Bandit.”

Leah encourages other teachers to attend one of SCETV’s technology workshops and the ETV and SC State Museum Technology Conference on August 4 and 5.  This conference will explore innovative ways to integrate technology to engage students of all ages K-12 in learning.

When Leah is not in the classroom herself, she is teaching her young family by applying what she has learned through her course work at SCETV. And if you were to drop by her home you may catch the family watching ETV. Caillou, Sid the Science Kid, Curious George and Sesame Street are some of their favorites.

Thank you SCETV for delivering high quality programming and for supporting the teachers in our lives. The learning opportunities you offer help to insure that they are prepared to educate our most precious citizens…South Carolina’s children.

Using television, radio and the web, SCETV’s mission is to enrich lives by educating children, informing and connecting citizens, celebrating our culture and environment and instilling the joy of learning. For more information visit


Photos by Kimberly Campbell

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