S²TEM Centers SC Inspires Teachers to Inspire Students

Inspiration, practical ideas, and effective teaching strategies – these are the tools that the S²TEM Centers SC (Solutions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education) offers to many teachers across our state. S²TEM Centers SC is an innovation partnership managed by South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science. S²TEM Centers SC’s focus is on workforce development through improvement in K-12 STEM education. S²TEM Centers, located across the state, supports and guides educators who are preparing today’s students to compete in an economy where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills are in high demand.

S²TEM Centers SC specialists provide training, curriculum planning, and coaching to ensure STEM subjects are taught in a way that engages students and fosters learning. In essence, S²TEM training is designed to inspire teachers to inspire their students. And I am happy to report their efforts are bearing fruit.

I became involved with the S²TEM Centers several years ago when I had the opportunity to become a part of a professional learning cohort of teachers through a math coaching initiative. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with S²TEM consultants on a variety of projects and I have witnessed the energy that they bring to the classroom. Their training is empowering our teachers with a variety of strategies to promote learning in the classroom.

The S²TEM Centers SC exists to have an impact on student achievement in South Carolina by teaching and supporting teachers and schools through professional development. Even though the organization provides professional development for teachers, ultimately the students are the ones who receive the most benefit from the work of the S²TEM Centers, as building capacity for teachers and teacher leaders creates better learning environments for students.

One of the biggest assets that S²TEM brings to the community is support for learning and the belief that all children in South Carolina can learn and deserve the best learning environment possible. The S²TEM centers and consultants truly care about teaching and learning and their work supports that commitment. Their focus on math and science prepares teachers to teach 21st century learners, thus preparing them for the jobs of the future not only here in South Carolina, but in the nation and world.

As the saying goes, “teaching is the profession that makes all others possible” so we thank our friends at S²TEM Centers SC for providing our teachers with this important training.

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